Sales Cloud-readiness Assessment Tool

Consider these questions to decide if you’re ready to offer cloud services to your customers.

❏Are your customers’ executives asking about cloud computing?

❏Do more than 20 percent of your customers use Software-as-a-Service products, such as Google Apps,, etc.?

❏Do your customers fit any of these cloud-friendly usage scenarios?

❏Outsourcing IT functions

❏Physical limits to data center expansion

❏Virtualization of servers

❏Virtualization of desktops

❏Rapid business growth

❏Disaster recovery

❏Business continuity planning

❏Off-site on-line data storage

❏End-user productivity applications


❏Are customers asking about converged datacenter infrastructure (private cloud)?

❏Do you supply services or want to supply services to your customers?

❏Are you willing to adjust your business model?

❏Is your technical team willing to bring on a new technology?

❏Is your sales team willing to bring on a new sales process?

If you checked three or more boxes, you should seriously consider adding cloud computing and services to your line card.