Starting the Cloud Conversation with a CEO

If you’re calling on the CEO, owner, or line of business manager, use this value proposition script as your conversation starter.

“You know how every time you ask your I.T. department for something, they say, ‘I’ll have to get back to you on that’?”

“Well, I want to share with you an I.T. strategy that lets you migrate from computer-centric I.T. to services-centric business systems.”

“And the result is, my clients have a substantially more efficient I.T. and business operation, with faster technology rollouts, better reliability, and better service to their customers, resulting in more profits and growth.”

Think that will get their attention? You bet! We’re pushing all their buttons. We’re calling out issues that most executives have about their I.T. department and talking about what they really want to grow their business.

Notice that we don’t even use the “C” word! Unless executives say “cloud” don’t use the word. Remember, executives generally don’t care about how you’re going to deliver your services, just that you are.

Follow up with two simple questions:

“What do you want more of?” And, “What do you want less of?”

The answers to these instantly reveals their strategic goals.

You can then come up with tactics to implement those goals with cloud solutions.