The Cloud Just Got 1,000 Times Bigger

Here is an announcement that I got today from Amazon. I think it’s an astounding announcement that removes one of the limits on the cloud: cheap storage for large data objects. The cloud juggernaut keeps rolling.

Dear Amazon S3 Customer,

We are excited to announce that Amazon S3 has increased the maximum size of an object from 5 gigabytes to 5 terabytes. You can now easily store and reference high resolution videos, large backup files, scientific instrument data or other large datasets as single objects.

To store objects larger than 5 gigabytes, use the Multipart Upload feature, which allows parallel uploads and streaming of large objects into Amazon S3 as they are being created.

The AWS SDKs, the Amazon S3 Management Console, and the AWS Import/Export service have all added support for objects up to 5 terabytes in size. For more information on uploading large objects into Amazon S3, review the Amazon S3 Developer Guide.

 Sincerely, The Amazon S3 Team