Video: How to Amp Up Cloud Sales Now

If you’re offering cloud services and want to look for innovative ways to increase your sales, this is the video for you.

Bringing intangible cloud services to customers is a new concept that requires business partners to adopt different and potentially conflicting sales approaches. (“Remember all those servers I sold you? Forget about them.”).

For some partners, it means that their sales team will have to access the C-suite to sell their services because cloud computing is an executive-level sale and will be for at least the next five years. This requires new relationships, skills, approaches, and value propositions.

You’ll learn about these and more in this video. Here are the topics I’ll touch upon:

  • Where to Find Cloud Services Business that Closes Fast: These are the low-hanging opportunities that are easy to present, propose, and close.
  • Compelling Customer Cloud Presentation Strategies: How to talk about cloud in a clear, concise way so customers instantly get the value proposition and want to take action.
  • How to Discuss Cloud Pricing: Positioning the value of cloud in a way that makes sense to customers. How to compare cloud to what they’ve been budgeting and buying.
  • Speeding Up Cloud Deals: How to increase customer urgency so that your cloud deals close faster.

Video Details

This is a highly-interactive one hour video. Qualified viewers are business partner owners and executives willing to learn more about how to successfully develop a cloud business practice.

Your Video Leader… Mark S.A. Smith

If you’re one of the 30,000 channel professionals who have experienced Mark S.A. Smith, you know he delivers the goods. If you haven’t, get ready. Author of 11 books, more than 10,000 hours of platform time, and innovative thinker, Mark has new plans and new twists on old ideas for you.

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